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TIPS Supervisor Masterclass

Supervisor Education Master Class

The Institute for Professional Supervisors (TIPS)™ is a subsidiary of the JAWC Group, LLC which, was founded in 2013.  TIPS™ assists women who are entry-to-mid-level supervisors and organizations to realize their professional and business goals.  We ensure that the most influential group in the organization, supervisors, are prepared and empowered to become excellent contributors–transforming their organizations into respectful, engaging, and productive employers of choice.

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TIPS Coaching for Women & Supervisors


Given the vital role that supervisors play in the “employee experience,” The Institute for Professional Supervisors (TIPS™) aims to be a preeminent and nationally recognized thought leader on the role and impact of supervisors in organizations; and provider of education, resources, and certification. The ultimate goal is to assist with creating workplaces that are fair, respectful, engaging, productive, and “best places to work.” TIPS™—Transforming Workplaces, One Supervisor at a Time.

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TIPS Speaking Engagements


Please contact us to discuss details and pricing for speaking engagement requests for Dr. Jann for conferences, keynotes, summits, and workshops for organizations, institutions, and professional associations.  Topics include, Why Your Sexual Harassment Training Isn’t Working, How “Bad Supervisors” are Keeping You From Reaching Your Goals & What to Do About It; Employee Engagement:  How to Get It Right!; Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging:  Don’t Just Talk About It, Be About It!

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TIPS Sexual Harassment | Bullying Training

Sexual Harassment | Workplace Bullying Training

One reason that traditional training has not been optimally effective in preventing and deterring sexual harassment and bullying is that the commercial products that are mass produced and utilized by organizations are not relatable nor industry specific–as such, they do not address matters that are unique to your organization.

Another reason is that training usually focuses on legal compliance rather that the development of tools and resources necessary for prevention and deterrence.  These are among the findings of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) report on workplace harassment.

TIPS™ assists organizations with creating a wholistic approach to managing sexual harassment, general harassment, and bullying.  We work closely with you to develop customized programs specific to your organization’s industry, unique workplace concerns, and real-life circumstances.  The result is a fair and respectful workplace where people are held accountable and harassment and bullying are not tolerated.

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