Currently, there are very few resources available to entry-level to mid-level supervisors; much less, with a focus specifically on women.  Yet, supervisors are on the front lines, making key organizational decisions every day.  TIPS not only fills this void but, also offers coaching/advising to participating supervisors to assist them with addressing/handling real-life, real-time  situations.  Very few, if any, organizations external to the workplace provide such a comprehensive resource.

Benefits & Advantages

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The 5 Reasons TIPS™ Can Best Help You 

Our professional/talent development for supervisors stands apart from the relative few programs out there.  TIPS’ uniqueness and as such, our ability to best contribute to your success lies in these aspects:




TIPS™ offers a curriculum for aspirant-to-mid-level supervisors by way of their Supervisor Masterclass, that is designed to prepare them to be effective in their roles, advance their careers, and meet the business needs of organizations.  The curriculum is comprehensive in that it covers a range of competencies and knowledge domain and concepts that are required for mastery and excellence in the supervisory profession.


Combines Education, Coaching & Real-Life Application

TIPS’™ professional development offers a holistic approach that does not end in the proverbial classroom.  There is follow up with participants through post-classroom coaching, opportunities to apply what was learned in class, and an assessment within a year of completion to gage the participant’s organizational effectiveness.


Research & Evidence-Based

TIPS’™ professional development curriculum is based on research in the fields of management, leadership, and business.  The concepts, strategies, and practices encompassed in the curriculum and passed on to participants are evidence-based (proved to be effective); and best practices.






Preferred Teaching & Delivery Methods

The primary mode of content delivery is by way of hybrid webinars that combines the power of live facilitation and interaction with recorded video.  This allows for the most convenient, interactive, and consistent learning experience possible.  In other words, it is the best in class.  (No pun intended!).



Unlike any other “supervisor training” program, TIPS™ provides participant who complete the Supervisor Masterclass will earn certification as a professional who has mastered the competencies necessary for excellency in the profession; and, membership in a professional association where participants can learn from one another, keep abreast of the latest developments in the field, and take advantage of continued education opportunities.*

Get Started!

Become the Change…

Get started with gaining confidence, advancing your career, earning a credential; and by doing so improving the organization’s employee engagement, productivity, and  work environment.  Begin the process of becoming a better you and a better workplace.  Start with our transformational Supervisor Masterclass! Today, I challenge you—Don’t just talk about it…Be about it…Become the change you want to see in your work!


*Note that TIPSTM provides certification, not a certificate of completion.  The certification is provided to participants who satisfactorily complete all components of the program; and is evidence of demonstrated knowledge, skills, and abilities to serve as a professional supervisor.  Certification also implies an ongoing commitment to professionalism and education in the field.  Those who complete the program will be conferred a credential, the Professional Supervisor (PSTM).  The “PS” designation may be used as any other certification and as such, placed after the designee’s name (e.g. Sally Smith, PS).


Become the change you want to see in your work™