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Question–Have you ever had a “bad supervisor?” Chances are your response is a resounding, “Yes!”  Many of us have worked with a bad supervisor and/or hired one.  I know I have had my share.  I may have even been one when I first started out.  As is true of many,  I was promoted into a supervisor position because I performed well in my previous position.  While the promotion was recognition for my performance, I was not trained or prepared for such a move.  Unfortunately, this method of selecting supervisors is commonly used.  However, just because someone is a great sales representative doesn’t mean that s/he will be a great sales supervisor or boss!

The impact of ill-prepared supervisors on workforces and workplaces can be devastating.

Studies show that supervisors are the most influential group in the organization.  Therefore, they determine the employee experience, employee engagement, and productivity (both positively and negatively).  Yet, organizations place the wrong person in supervisor positions an astounding 82% of the time!  Even more astounding is the impact of bad supervisors.  They cost U.S. organizations $319-$398 billion per year in lost productivity and clients/customers.

If you have ever had a “bad supervisor” then, you know how important placement decisions are.  If you have not had a bad supervisor maybe you are among the 82%!  It seems that there is a supervisor problem.  Currently, our workforce does not include enough adequately trained and qualified individuals to supply the supervisor pipeline necessary to make a positive difference in U.S. organizations.  Learn more about the supervisor problem, the impact of ill-prepard supervisors on the workforce/ workplace, and what you can do about it by clicking here to request our free white paper.

Do you know that you have the power to change your work situation?  “How?” You might ask.  If you desire to be or are a supervisor or, an organization who hires supervisors than you can transform yourself and your workplace to accomplish your professional and business goals.  Now get this, if you are a woman supervisor, your transformational powers may be even more effective.  According to a recent study, women tend to be better supervisors than men.  Sorry guys!  Click here to learn more about women supervisors.

The Institute for Professional Supervisors (TIPS™) assists aspirant-to-mid-level supervisors and as such, their organizations to accomplish their professional and business goals by ensuring that supervisors develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to exceptionally lead the day-to-day operations of their organizations.  Not only advancing their careers but also, creating fair, respectful, engaging, and productive work environments. To begin the process of becoming a better you and a better workplace start with our transformational Supervisor Masterclass by clicking here for more information.!

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